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The purpose of the following is to inform guests of Riverside Golf Course to the policies and guidelines as pertaining to our facility. The Head Golf Professional and their appointed staff have the responsibility to monitor these policies and guidelines and provide final authority in enforcement of.


Riverside Golf Course rules may be modified at the discretion of Management with approval from the Parks and Recreation Director and City Manager. 

Golf Cart Usage

  • Valid Driver's License is required to operate.
  • Only two persons and two golf bags allowed per cart.
  • No person(s) should sit or stand on the back of the cart nor stand on the rear wheel wells.
  • Operate cart per safety instructions and in consideration of course and weather conditions.
  • Set the parking brake when exiting the cart for any reason.
  • Reckless driving is prohibited.
  • Operating cart while intoxicated is prohibited.
  • Carts should be returned no later than 8:30PM or 30 minutes before sundown, whichever comes first.

Indemnity: User acknowledges cart guidelines and assumes risk associated with operating the golf cart in accordance with rules set forth. User agrees to pay for damages to golf cart, aside from ordinary wear and tear, and any damage to the golf course arising from improper use, negligence, or failure to abide guidelines. User expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City, its officers, agents, and employees regardless of whether the injury or damage is caused in whole or in part by the acts or omissions, including negligence, of the City, its officers, agents or employees or any condition of the golf cart.


Guests shall act in a manner that is not disruptive, combative, or abusive to other players or Riverside Golf Course staff. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, of staff is not permitted and includes, but is not limited to unwelcome advances, verbal or physical conduct of an offensive nature, offensive comments, jokes, innuendoes, and other inappropriate statements.

Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required at all times. Men's shirts must have sleeves, tank tops or cut off sleeves are prohibited, collared shirts are recommended. Proper shoes such as soft spiked shoes or tennis/running shoes are required and all hats should be worn with the bill facing forward. Cut off shorts, hard spiked shoes, boots, heels, swimwear, and any other apparel or footwear considered to be unfit for the golf course by the Head Golf Professional will result in the request for the player to find an alternative solution prior to play.

On-Course Etiquette

Pace of play for Riverside Golf Course is 4 hours for 18 holes and 2 hours for 9 holes. The course is to be played in order of the scorecard and starting on any hole other than first is prohibited, unless authorized by the Golf Shop staff. In consideration of other players/groups, be aware of your pace of play and anticipate your next shot to keep pace with the group in front on you. If you are not able to keep pace with the group ahead of you or if you fall behind the recommended pace of play, please allow faster groups to play through. Twosomes, Threesome, or Singles do not have the right of way over Foursomes on weekends, including Friday, or Holidays, if the foursome is upholding the pace of place. Fill divots with the sand mix provided, repair ball marks on green complexes, and rake any disruptions created in bunkers.

Starting Times & Reservations

Tee time reservations are allowed up to 14 days in advance and it is encouraged to provide all player names in the group. Reservations can be made by calling the Golf Shop at 361.573.4521 or online at A credit card is required to confirm a reservation, but will not be charged unless the group fails to show up for reserved time. All players are required to register prior to teeing off or acquiring a golf cart. The Golf Shop staff will coordinate golf cart use and course access. The Golf Shop staff reserves the right to pair up groups with less than four players or more than two carts to help with pace of play. Fivesomes (5) or larger are not allowed unless approved by the Head Golf Professional.


Reservations should be canceled 24 hours in advance of schedule tee time. Failure to cancel a reservation may result in charging of credit card on file. If Notwithstanding other provisions in this Agreement relating to term, Riverside Golf Course may terminate the reservation without cause upon at least 3 days written notice.

Driving Range

All golfers must sign in with the golf shop on each trip to the practice area. Range balls are located at the golf shop and are intended for the range and short game practice areas only. Only range balls rented from Riverside Golf Course are allowed to be used and no range balls should be removed for any reason.Range balls that have already been rented and hit, should only be collected by staff.Guests should not attempt to retrieve range balls, as it is dangerous and could lead to injury.Leave ropes and dividers in their place at all times as they are in designated spots based on daily rotation.Please return empty range bags to the golf shop when finished.When hitting drivers and fairway woods, please aim towards the back left of the driving range, using the green as the target.Keep your divot pattern tight by placing your golf ball on the back edge of the previous shot’s divot and create a straight line of divots moving back.The Head Golf Professional reserves the right to close the driving range as needed for maintenance.

Golf Instruction

Lessons and programs are only allowed to be provided by the Riverside Golf Course professional staff to include the Head Golf Professional and Assistant Golf Professional or by an approved independent instructor.Pricing and availability can be obtained by contacting the pro shop.

Inclement Weather

The Head Golf Professional, Superintendent, or Golf Shop Staff under the direction of the Head Golf Professional or Superintendent, reserve the right to prevent, pause, or suspend play due to weather conditions. If play is continued, the Head Golf Professional, Superintendent, or Golf Shop Staff under the direction of the Head Golf Professional or Superintendent will direct play as seen fit to regain proper tee sheet alignment.

Rain Check Policy

Riverside Golf Course will issue rain checks to those guests who are not able to complete their round due to inclement weather or the closure of the golf course due to unsafe conditions. Rain checks are issued Based on your position of play at the point of interruption and type of round purchased. Rain checks are only valid for green fees, have no cash value, and expire one month from date of issue. Rain Checks will be issued based on the following and are only provided in 9 or 18 hole options.

  • Holes 1-7: 18 hole rain check
  • Holes 8-15: 9 hole rain check
  • Holes 16-18: no rain check issued

Any request for a rain check that does not occur due to the closing of the golf course will be considered on a case by case basis. Returns are only available to customers that have not started play on the golf course.

Medical Flags

Riverside Golf Course will allow the use of and make accommodations for individuals with proper DMV distinction or doctor's note who need a medical flag. It is the player's responsibility to notify the Golf Shop staff when registering. Players are asked to keep golf carts to a minimum of 10 yards from the green complexes, and on cart paths entirely for par 3's or holes deemed Cart Path Only. Riverside Golf Course is allowed to restrict all golf carts to cart path only as needed, even those requiring a medical flag. If more than one player in a group is requesting a medical flag, those requesting should accompany each other in the same golf cart to limit turf interaction around green complexes.

Rules of Play

The USGA Rules of Golf will govern all play, supported by local rules.


Failure to act in accordance with the rules set forth will result in suspension or denial of course access.

  • 1st Offense - 90 days with no access to Riverside Golf Course
  • 2nd Offense - 1 year with no access to Riverside Golf Course
  • 3rd Offense - Lifetime ban, with no access to Riverside Golf Course